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Security System Design and Installation

Protect What Matters Most

Protecting people and property

we design and install security systems tailored to your home or business

Full Control & Integration

Discover real peace of mind with full control and management of your home or business from anywhere in the world. Our smart security solutions integrate all types of sensors, CCTV Surveillance, Access Control and intercoms through one application for total control.

Alarms & Monitoring

Monitor your home or business activity from your phone, tablet or PC, receive real time push notifications, voice messages or professional alarm response with alarm actions. We have a large range of hardwired and wireless sensors to monitor intrusion, smoke/heat, carbon monoxide and even people counting, facial or licence plate recognition.

Holiday Mode or Away Mode

Create that lived in appearance with automated lighting, blinds and televisions to give would-be intruders the impression someone is home.

CCTV & Remote Monitoring

Keep a watchful eye on your home or business when you’re not there. With our motion sensor integrated surveillance systems receive notifications when any restricted area is breeched.

CCTV surveillance provides full visual coverage for your home or business. Create invisible perimeters for instant notification at selected times or enjoy smart technology such as facial or vehicle licence plate recognition to open gates or alert you when someone is on site.

CCTV Remote Monitoring on a mobile phone

Access Control & Remote Unlocking

Enjoy the convenience of keyless entry through locked doors or gates. We have a range of keyless solutions from keypads to hands free smartphone proximity unlocking. Access control can provide restricted access to your building based on person, time and day.

Do you need to let a trusted person such as a friend or housekeeping into your home? No problem, let our smart system notify you when someone enters the property. Once verified use our smart app to open the front or garage door and disarm your security system


Communicate with your guests at the entrance of your home or office whether you are there or not. Provide access into the home or office from your smart device with both audio and video confirmation.

NX Witness

On-the-Go Viewing & Control of CCTV

Nx Witness is lighting fast, easy to use video surveillance software for viewing, recording and managing CCTV so you can react to critical events in real time.

Home Security Installation

Transform Your Home Into a Fortress 

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