Smart Home Heating

Control & Automate Your Heating, Cooling & Humidity

Solutions Tailored For You

Regulate Your Home Temperature & Humidity Levels

Heating & Cooling

Professionally integrated HVAC will provide simple manual and automated control to create the prefect heat or cool temperature to your home. Our systems integrate with many hot-water and forced-air systems, and coupled with Solar PV, you have a smart, energy efficient controlled home

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Smart Underfloor Heating

Hydronic underfloor heating systems provide a beautiful dry heat and can be zoned to provide the optimal temperature in any room. A hydronic floor system, in conjunction with our solar PV systems, will heat the home during the day using free renewable energy and using the concrete floor mass it will gently release this energy overnight for the ultimate in energy savings.

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Affordable Hot Water Heating

Hot water heat pump systems can reduce energy demand by up to 70% compared to conventional electric hot water cylinders. Using our preferred hot water heat pumps, and coupled with our solar PV systems, feel good by lowering your hot water bill and saving the environment.

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A Drier, Healthier Home

By installing a heat recovery ventilation system we can improve air quality to provide a healthier drier home with air that is better for us to breathe. Our systems can provide you with significant cost savings by recovering up to 90% of the energy that is normally lost through windows and return it back to the heating system.


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An Intelligent Design Thermostat

Deseo is a design thermostat and room controller to intuitively control your home climate, lighting and even music at the lightest touch. It comes in a variety of high-quality finishes to beautifully blend in with any interior.

Flush Mountable

Multicolour OLED Display

Multitouch Functionality

Integrated Temperature Sensor & Thermostat Logic

High End Colour & Finish Options

Picture of the Basalte Deseo control panel. It shows the temperature which is 20.6 degrees celsius.

Heat Pump Smart Integration

We Integrate With the Following Heat Pump Brands

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