Networking & WiFi

Robust Home Networking Infrastructure

Why Good WiFi Matters

The Importance of Good WiFi for the Modern Home

Reliable Home Network & WiFi

It may surprise you how many network-connected devices you have in your home! That’s why it’s so important to have a reliable and secure network that is 100% consistent with whole home WIFI coverage. We use specialist software to design your home network eliminating all of the guess work.

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Fast WiFi & Internet Speeds

Enjoy fast internet even as you add more devices to your network. No longer will your family’s devices need to compete for bandwidth – stream multiple videos and game online in harmony.

There’s more to fast speeds than bandwidth, we’ll optimise your network for efficiency and reduce congestion.

Ask us how we can limit the kids internet by setting up restricted use periods.

Total Home WiFi Coverage

Say goodbye to b-b-b-buffering, drop-offs and dead spots with a strong, seamless mesh WiFi network that reaches every corner of your home – indoors and outdoors.

Mesh WiFi allows for a consistently strong signal for streaming, gaming, and working in any room.

WiFi and Networking devices

Data Cabling Services

Enthernet Cabling, Network Points, Switches & Patch Panels

Speak to us about how we can future-proof your home or business.


  • Fast: full speed internet to every room.
  • Discrete: all cables are hidden within the walls out of sight.
  • The Hub: create a central point in the home out of sight to neatly and securely store your networking and AV equipment.
Data cabling

Ubiquiti UniFi

Simple and Scalable Networking and WiFi

We use Ubiquiti’s ecosystem of networking devices to design highly robust and scalable networks for homes or businesses.