Welcome to Smart Living

The team at Smart Living are certified installers experienced in all aspects of technology installation and maintenance. From our Hamilton headquarters, we offer a wide range of technology, automation and security solutions, planning and overseeing installations across New Zealand.

Smart Living Concepts aim to be first choice. We pride ourselves on the highest quality standards and ensure our design and installation work is fully compliant with NZ Health & Safety regulations. We promise to keep you fully informed throughout the consultation, design and installation process.

Our advice and workmanship is backed up by twenty plus years industry expertise. Open communication and strong adherence to project timeframes ensure we deliver the right automation and security solutions, on time and on budget.

Are you planning on constructing a new commercial property, renovating the family home or building a holiday house? We’re the people to talk to. Take advantage of our free home and business consultations to ensure your property and family are protected and connected. Home automation technology is no longer a luxury of the wealthy. It can be in your home as well. We think you’ll be surprised at how little it can cost.

Pete Varga
Principal Director
Smart Living Concepts