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Smart HOME TECHNOLOGIES FOR People Living With Disabilities

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Total Control of Your Environment

Control Options to Suit You

We create systems that help people maintain independence in their own homes, providing our clients, their family and friends with greater peace of mind. Smart Living Concepts will design and adapt your space to improve independence in daily life by disabled, physically impaired or the elderly. Our aim is to enhance individual well-being and allow people to take a greater sense of control.

We can implement a variety of automated solutions and control systems to enhance the lifestyles of people with limited mobility, sensory disabilities, and/or intellectual disabilities.

Our smart systems can be installed into new homes or retrofitted into existing homes or spaces with minimal disruption to the home.

Voice Control

Smart Assistants such as Alexa or Google Assistant are one of the most exciting developments in assistive living technology. For many people, voice control can be a game changer offering total home control without lifting a finger.

For people with limited motor skills, hearing, vision or spatial awareness, voice operated devices can take the difficulty out of everyday tasks.


A picture of a Sonos One smart speaker with a speech bubble saying "closing the blinds"

Smartphone & Tablet

Take control with your tablet or smartphone working as your virtual command centre. From turning on the lights and closing the blinds, to changing the TV channel or volume or adjusting the heating, control everything in your home using just one app. No more scrolling through different apps and multiple pages to control different aspects of your home.

Through our remote access have carers or family members check on your status or even have them notified with any potential problems or following a pre-determined period of inactivity.

Picture of a lady in a wheelchair using a smartphone app

Adaptive Switches & Buttons

For those with limited motor skills adaptive switches and tactile buttons can be integrated to control various devices and appliances. Through one touch control almost anything in the home or run complex scenes to provide multiple actions.

Tactile buttons can be mounted anywhere for your convenience.

Picture of a lady in a wheelchair using button controls for her kitchen's range hood

Smart Control

Work with us to take the complexity out of everyday tasks. Let us design a system to suit you and your lifestyle by creating a smart home that will respond to any scenario in the way you wish.

A picture of a man configuring and programming a smart home with a laptop

Peace of Mind

Our comprehensive range of products and solutions provide a more independent lifestyle with the added comfort knowing that family or friends can monitor your status and well-being. By using computers, tablets or smart devices Smart Living Concepts design and install secure systems that provides safety and peace of mind.

Picture of a smiling lady in a wheelchair who is waving to another person via a video chat application
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Solutions Tailored For You

Maintain Your Independence

Thanks to our wide range of options available, we are able to create solutions that match the needs of the individual as well as unique aspects of the home. Our solutions enhance the living environment to help disabled persons live life to the fullest.

Below are a few examples of solutions we have implemented to enable greater independence and freedom.

Climate Control

Smart sensors that integrate with automated blinds and HVAC systems allow us to maintain comfortable temperatures in the home.

If the temperature begins to rise outside with excessive sunlight entering the home, our smart systems can shutter the sunshades to block excess sunlight and turn on the air conditioning to bring temperatures down to a comfortable level.

Alternatively, your smart home can sense when temperatures drop too low, activating the heat pump to bring inside temperatures to a comfortable level.

Control your home to achieve the perfect temperature for you.

A picture of the Basalte Deseo smart controller which is showing the current temperature as 20.6 degrees celsius

Scene Control

“Scenes” allow multiple actions at the push of a button. For example, activating the ‘night mode’ scene will close any gates or doors left open, pull the blinds or curtains, changing the lighting and temperature to night mode, and then arm your security system.

Activating ‘morning mode’ will open the blinds or curtains, set the temperature to the perfect level, turn the TV on to the breakfast show and even start the coffee pot!

Picture of bedroom with Lutron curtains and blinds

Automated Lighting

Navigating a dark room to turn on light switches can be a challenging task. Using discrete ceiling sensors, we can automate room lighting to turn on and off depending on if a person is entering or leaving a room. Our sensors are smart enough to know when your home is in the ‘night mode’ so should they trigger the lighting will gently ramp up to 60% to avoid any blinding light in the middle of the night.

A picture of a lady in a wheelchair who have motion activated a ceiling light

Automated Doors & Locks

Getting through locked doors can be a struggle for many individuals, therefore, we can implement hands free keyless entry. With a security tag fastened to your wheelchair an automated door can unlock or even fully open to allow for secure entry.

Trusted family, friends and care-providers who visit can use a backlit pin pad to let themselves into the home or use one of our smart intercom systems to see who is at the door and allow entry from home or anywhere in the world.

A picture of a front door intercom

Automated Security

Be safe at home and use one of our many control options to arm and disarm your security system. Choose from internal or full perimeter protection and even see the status of each door and window to provide extra peace of mind.

With the added benefit of fire protection, should smoke be detected, our system will turn on all the lights and provide a lit escape path while unlocking all the doors and signalling the appropriate response services.

A picture of an cooking a meal but it is burning with smoke billowing out

Alerts & Monitoring

Install sensors to monitor and alert of any trips or falls with the response going out to care assistants, family members or professional monitoring personnel. Monitor events based on inactivity so should you not come out from the bathroom within a reasonable period of time an alert will be sent to the appropriate contacts. 

Through secure remote software your loved ones can check the status and well being of you and your home. 

A picture of an iPhone receiving a notification which says "Front door was unlocked"

Disability Services Brochure

For more information regarding our Disability Services please download our brochure.

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