Voice Assistant For The Home 

Control Your Home Inuitively By Voice Command

Solutions Tailored For You

Let Alexa Help With Your Daily Routines

“Alexa, Good Morning”

With one prompt Alexa can raise your bedroom blinds, adjust your heating/cooling, play your favourite radio station throughout your home and slowly ramp up the lights without blinding you.

“Alexa, Goodbye”

When it’s time to leave the house Alexa can turn of the lights, music and television, then lock the doors and arm the security system.

“Alexa, I’m Home”

Alexa can welcome you home by turning on the lights, adjusting the temperature, and playing your favourite tunes.

Excited Children Arriving Home With Parents

“Alexa, Good Night”

There is now no need to run around the entire home turning everything off, simply go to bed and say good night to Alexa which will slowly ramp the lighting off, close the garage door if it has been left open, adjust the heating to night mode and then arm the security system to night mode.


Amazon Echo

Voice Commands For People With Disabilities

Take The Difficulty Out Of Everyday Tasks

For people with limited motor skills, hearing, vision or spatial awareness, voice operated devices can help them accomplish important daily tasks.

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The Smart Speaker For Music Lovers

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Why We Love Alexa

5 Things Alexa Can Help You With

1. Play Music

“Alexa, play some upbeat 80’s tunes.”

Alexa can play your favourite music from a variety of music services including Spotify. 

2. Shopping Lists

“Alexa, add eggs and milk to the shopping list.”

Never forget items at the supermarket ever again. Alexa can create a shopping list available for you to view from your smartphone while shopping.

3. Emergencies

“Alexa, ask my buddy to send help.”

The Ask My Buddy skill will send a notification (text or phone call) to a preselected contact when you’re in an emergency and can’t reach your phone. While this feature is not a substitute for 111, it lets you tell loved ones you need help.

4. Clean Your Home

“Alexa, vacuum the lounge.”

Because Alexa integrates with a variety of robot vacuums, keeping the house clean has never been easier!

5. Reminders

“Alexa, what’s on my calendar today?”

While making your morning coffee, Alexa can give you helpful reminders for the day’s important tasks.